STWAB Ticket

The easy way to get your digital ticket in Aschaffenburg

Since December 2017, the Aschaffenburg municipal utilities company (STWAB) and moovel Group GmbH have made it possible to search for bus connections and buy digital tickets via app. The STWAB Ticket app locates the user and suggest the best route. Alternatively, the user can enter their desired start point and destination. Once the user has selected a connection, they can buy a digital ticket with just a few clicks. The digital ticket is checked upon boarding the bus just like a paper ticket. Tickets can be paid for using PayPal or with the credit card the user added when registering with the app.

moovel provided an additional element of the infrastructure for the development of the STWAB Ticket app. In contrast to other projects it has worked on, moovel accesses timetable and fare data, provides data quality control, and corrects and prepares the data in partnership with the STWAB for its own routing and fare services.

The STWAB Ticket app is another step on the road toward a convenient and digitalized public transportation system for the STWAB. The purpose of developments such as this is to make public transportation more attractive, particularly for younger passengers.

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