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Making commuting easy

Manage partnerships. Attract Users. Sell Tickets.

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Benefits and Engagement

Your hub for managing transportation benefits, reduced fares and discounts to move the masses

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Every year, transit agencies and their community partners distribute millions of dollars in transit benefits, special event tickets and reduced fares. Often times, it’s through a monthly paper or plastic transit pass or sticker which is time-consuming and expensive to distribute, and it has a high potential for fraud. FareShare streamlines the process through a secure online system and mobile application.

moovel FareShare is a configurable system for transit agencies, universities and businesses to offer transportation benefits, reduced fares and discounted tickets.The easy-to-use application can be extended to third parties to quickly manage, track and distribute fares to eligible riders – increasing ridership and creating new revenue channels for the local community. 

With a friendly and familiar interface, FareShare offers riders a seamless way to claim rewards that’s updated for the modern digital world. As a result, FareShare reduces monthly commuting expenses and delivers cost-savings by limiting the misuse of transportation benefits.

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Key Features

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Mobility Benefits

Manage, track, and distribute commuter benefits to help reduce monthly commuting expenses and increase ridership.

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Mobility Reduced Fares

Incorporate reduced fare ticketing programs to passengers who are eligible.

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Mobility Discounts

Utilize discounts and promotions to incentivize ridership and act as a conduit with the local economy.

Preparing Transit
Agencies for MaaS

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Mobility has drastically changed over the course of the last five years. In order for transit agencies to stay relevant, there are several near-term strategies that can be implemented to lay the groundwork for success in the new Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) landscape.

This guide outlines strategies, best practices and core steps that agencies can take within the next 18 months to prepare for the future of transportation innovations.

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